Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to identify everyone who has ever served in the military and their families?

Military service comes with many unique experiences and exposures, most of which civilians will never have. Understanding the culture from which the individual may be operating, knowing about possible variables in their health, and in their family situation, including their children, will allow you to deliver more effective, comprehensive, and culturally competent care or services. You might even connect them with benefits or services they didn’t know they were entitled to! Additionally, knowing about one’s service allows us to show our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made.

WHY do we need to ask the questions in this way?

​Do not ask “Are you a Veteran?” It is paramount that the Question be asked in a manner that allows all whom have worn the uniform to feel included in the inquiry. Not everyone whom has served identifies as a “veteran” either because they do not feel comfortable with the term, their discharge status prohibits it, or because their service involved work with the National Guard or Reserves and they were never activated. This specific question also allows family members to respond in the affirmative if their loved one is actively serving or if he/she falls into one of the above categories.